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 We are a leading Engineering Design, Trading and Consulting Company based in Singapore. Our aim is to provide outsourcing Engineering Design, Project Management Services,  Oil & Gas Sector Construction Technology and Materials, Gas Line Equipment, Gas Pipe & Pipeline Fittings, Valves and Accessories and other Logistic Accessories from Singapore, China, Malaysia, Japan, Europe, Australia, USA, CIS  countries and various  other sources from the  Asia Pacific Region. Company's ultimate goal is to outsource products and services of the highest quality, priced competitively for our clients. Our target market includes Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Middle East, and South Asia (primarily Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan).


Our range of products and services includes the provision of a wide range of High-Quality construction materials for the Oil & Gas Sector. Our products include but is not limited to: 

  1. ​​​​Construction Equipment and Machinery for the Oil and Gas Sector

  2. Scaffolding and Metal Framework

  3. Gas Generators and Electrical Motors

  4. Gas Linepipe and Pipe Fittings & Accessories

  5. Pressure tanks

  6. Process equipment

  7. Pressure Gauges

  8. Drilling Fluid

  9. Hydrocarbon Products and their derivatives


Our rich expertise and experience enable us to supply the most advanced and high-quality products to all our clientele. We are in the process of acquiring new capabilities through continuous improvement.


Our future goal will be to focus on enhancing the quality of our products and services further by augmenting our existing competencies with state of the art technology and ongoing R&D on new and improved Construction Methods & Technologies. Our ultimate goal is to advance the use of environmentally sustainable methods of construction and expand our logistical support capabilities.   



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