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We have acquired more than 24 years of experience in the construction industry, including 15 years of project supervision experience in the Singapore Construction Industry

Our Managing Director, Md Joynal Abdin has successfully completed the following projects in Singapore and Bangladesh:

  • Costing/Tendering of Changi Airport Terminal-2 Cargo Building (2001) - Project Value $76 Million.

  • Supervision/Execution of Junior College as Project Manager (2000) - Project Value $36 Million.

  • Supervision of Condominium Development as Project Manager (1998) - Project Value $30 Million. 

  • Supervision of  Semiconductor Building Construction as Project Manager (1996) - Project Value $80 Million.

  • Supervision of  Renault Car Showroom Construction as Project Manager (1994) - Project Value $20 Million.

  • Supervision of  Seagate Process Building Construction as Project Manager (1993) - Project Value $32 Million.

  • Supervision of  DAICHI Hotel Building Construction as Resident Manager (1991) - Project Value $62 Million.

  • Supervision of  Bangladesh Air Force (BAF) Academy Complex and various other projects in Bangladesh (1980-1991).

Track record in Construction Supervision and Management

Our Company has successfully supplied materials for the following projects in Bangladesh

  • Gas Pipe, Pipe Fittings, Valves, Welding Machines for Bangladesh Gas Field Company Limited for Norshindi and Hobigonj Projects.

  • Machinery, Welding Machines, Fittings, Electrode, Hand Tool Consumables.

  • Holiday detectors, Pig Launchers/Receivers, Meter Tube, Polyethylene Tape for Gas Line Projects

  • Construction Materials for Sheraton Hotel Extension Project, Dhaka.

  • Construction materials and project supervision for World Bank Project, Dhaka.

  • Construction materials and pool equipment for Radisson Hotel Project, Dhaka.

  • Construction materials for Holiday Inn Hotel Project, Dhaka.

  • Construction materials for Canadian High Commission, Dhaka.

  • Construction Materials for National Insurance Building, Dhaka.

  • Construction Equipment/Machinery for Gas Line Projects, Dhaka.

  • Provision of Technical Support and Concept for the Peninsula Hotel, Chittagong.

  • Stage Lighting, Sound System, Alum. Ceiling for Mirpur Cantonment Auditorium.

  • Stage Lighting for Army Auditorium, Bhatiary, Chittagong.

  • Air Conditioning to Rupsha Bridge Projects, Khulna, Bangladesh.

  • Goods, Products, Equipment, Machinery for Westin Hotel, Dhaka. 

Track Record

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